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Initialise provides a number of services including web development services, custom business system development, mobile applications and graphics development, which can greatly aid your business in performing its daily activities and in expanding its global reach.

If you are interested in a particular service that is not visible on this page, please contact us as we may still be able to provide assistance on the subject.

Web Development

The Internet is constantly expanding and has grown bigger than most people would ever have expected. In today's business world, it is almost a requirement to have some form of online presence.

Not only does this allow you to have information about your business on the Internet, it provides another channel through which your current and prospective clients can contact you and find out more about your business activities. The Internet is one of the easiest ways to reach a global audience of customers.

Web development services include : Web Development
Website Design Website Design
Website Programming Website Programming
Dynamic Website Development Dynamic Website Development
Content Management Systems Content Management Systems
Document Management Systems Document Management Systems
Newsletters and Stationery E-mail Newsletters and Stationery
Search Engine Optimisation Search Engine Optimisation
Database Integration Website Consultation
Dynamic Website Development SMS Integration
Website Maintenance and Reporting Website Maintenance and Reporting
Web Hosting Web Hosting
Languages For those with more specific requirements, development can be done in a number of languages including XHTML, PHP, J2EE with EJBs and ASP.NET.
Database Systems For those with more specific data requirements, development can be done using numerous database management systems such as Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL.

Custom Business Systems

A business will often find that their operations could be made simpler, more efficient and automated by having custom-made software developed. Initialise can produce this software to suit the needs of your business and provide insight into what additional functionality could be added for even better results.

Custom Business System services include : Custom Business Systems
Browser/Stand-alone Applications Browser-based or Stand-alone Applications
Content Management Systems Content Management Systems
Document Management Systems Document Management Systems
Database Integration Database Integration
Database Integration Software Consultation
Reporting and Confirmations Reporting Services and Confirmations
SMS Integration SMS Integration
System Maintenance System Maintenance

Mobile Systems

It is common for many business activities to take place out of the office. Initialise can develop applications specifically for mobile devices such as cellular phones or Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs). Why not automate and enhance your business activities while in and out of the office.

Mobile System services include : Mobile Systems
Browser-based Browser-based mobile-targeted applications
Stand-alone Stand-alone mobile applications
Mobile Graphics 2D and 3D mobile graphics applications
Integration Integration with systems back at the office

Graphics Applications

With the great advancement in graphics technologies and hardware devices, it is possible to create realistic 3D applications. These type of systems are one of the few ways that one can simulate a one-to-one mapping between the real and virtual worlds.

Graphics services include : Graphics Systems
2D and 3D Graphics 2D and 3D graphics applications
Visualisation Applications Visualisation Applications
Virtual Environments Virtual Environments
Game Development Game development and individual components

The above mentioned services are only a portion of what Initialise is capable of. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you feel that we may be able to help you in any way.